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SWISS GriP NonSlip

SWISS GriP is the leading manufacturer of non-slip solutions. Our Swiss-made and certified anti-slip coatings come fully transparent or in a range of colours. SWISS GriP NonSlip makes baths, showers and tiles slip free, as well as pool areas, stairs, kitchens, ramps, boats and yachts. 

Your one-stop non-slip solutions specialist

What makes SWISS GriP stand out is the superior quality of our anti-slip coatings. With excellent adhesion and chemical resistance, our coatings can make any surface slip-free. Our coatings are durable, UV-resistant and guarantee elimination of slipping accidents due to our compliance with the Australian Standard for slip-resistance (AS4586).


  • Our non-slip coatings are developed and made in Switzerland.

  • By only using only the best raw materials, we can guarantee high quality coatings and safety

AS 4586 Certified

  • SWISS GriP is certified by CSIRO in accordance to the Australian Standard for slip resistance.

  • Slip Classes: B, C, P3, P4, P5, R10, R11, and R12. 


  • Trusted since 1990 when SWISS GriP was developed for hotels. 

  • Most used non-slip coating worldwide.

  • Leading hotel groups and aged care facilities use SWISS GriP.

Where SWISS GriP can help you to create slip-free surfaces

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For all your inquiries, please call us at 0370202041. Alternatively, you can send us a message using the form below or we can be reached via email at

info (at) swiss-grip.com.au