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Learn where SWISS GriP can eliminate the risk of slipping. 

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Tubs & Showers

SWISS GriP makes bath and shower mats a thing of the past!


Superior quality anti-slip coating ensures guest safety and peace of mind for hoteliers

Kitchens & Floors

Avoid the risk of slipping in commercial kitchens, stairs cases and other slippery floors.

Stair Treads

Improve visibility of stair treads and make them non-slip at the same time. SWISS GriP Stair Tread coat is available in Black and Yellow.

Hospitals &
Aged Care

Preventing slip and falls and fall-related injuries in health care facilities

Swimming Pools

Enjoy your pool, spa or wellness area without the risk of slipping

Boats, ships & yachts

SWISS GriP makes your deck slip-free. Go sailing without the risk of slipping.

Shower base & bathtub manufacturers

Leading shower base and bathtub manufacturers use SWISS GriP