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SWISS GriP NonSlip Solutions

Learn which of our SWISS GriP Non Slip solutions is most suitable for your specific need.

SWISS GRIP - NonSlip Premium Kit

SWISS GriP NonSlip Bathroom

SWISS GriP NonSlip Bathroom makes bath mats a thing of the past. Our transparent coating makes all baths, showers and floor slip-free. SWISS GriP is hygienic, aesthetic and easy to clean. 

SWISS GRIP - NonSlip Premium Kit

SWISS GriP NonSlip Floor

SWISS GriP NonSlip Floor is the elegant and certified non-slip solution for floors walksimply not complete without SWISS GriP. Increase your standard of living and feel secure and comfortable while showering.

SWISS GriP NonSlip Spray

SWISS GriP NonSlip Spray is the fast and easy way to improve traction on all areas of concern. Showers, boats, stairs and pool areas. 


SWISS GriP Stair Tread Coating

SWISS GriP Stair Tread Coating eliminates slipping and tripping incidents on stairs. Available in various colours to create a contrasting, anti-slip line on stair treads and other surfaces.

Installation Service

Our certified installation team ensures that all elements of our projects are delivered and installed to the highest levels of quality. We offer nationwide non-slip installation service for small and large projects: hotels, aged care facilities, hospitals, pool areas etc.

Contact us

For all your inquiries, please call us at (03) 7020 2041. Alternatively, you can send us a message using the form below or we can be reached via email at