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Leading hotels, hospitals, aged care facilities, and pools trust SWISS GriP to provide non-slip safety for staff and guests.

SWISS GriP - Hotel Testimonials

PARK HYATT, Abu Dhabi  

HILTON, Worldwide

SWISS GriP Australia References 

Swiss GriP Kit + Shower

Cottage Motor Inn, Albury (NSW)

Several showers at the Cottage Motor Inn Albury have been made slip-free with SWISS GriP. These acrylic showers were causing a health and safety risk as they were extremely slippery, especially in wet conditions. Thanks to SWISS GriP, these showers now have a P4 non-slip rating in accordance to AS 4586:20133, the Australian Standard for Slip Resistance.

Bathtub, South Melbourne

Bathtub made slip-free with SWISS GriP NonSlip Bath & Shower. This enamel steel bathtub was extremely slippery and caused a slipping incident. After installing SWISS GriP, the tub is slip-resistant in accordance to the Australian Standard for Slip Resistance AS4586: P4.


Shower, Royal Park (SA)

Tiled shower area made slip-resistant with SWISS GriP NonSlip Bath & Shower. The transparent anti-slip coating has not changed, nor damaged the appearance of the ceramic tiles. SWISS GriP creates a durable, slip-resistant finish on every surface.


Shower Base, St. Kilda

This acrylic shower posed a high slipping risk. SWISS GriP NonSlip was installed to provide a comfortable, and hygienic anti-slip solution. Our coatings are water and dirt repellent. 


Stairway, North Melbourne

This tiled stairway in an apartment complex in North Melbourne was slippery and needed contrasting stair noising. SWISS GriP 1K Stair Tread Coat was used to meet the Australian Standard AS 1428. 


The Peninsula, Bangkok

The Peninsula Bangkok (5-stars) is one of the finest hotel properties in Bangkok. The disabled-friendly hotel has made it's outdoor pool area slip free with SWISS GriP NonSlip. In total 50sqm of terrazzo has been made non-slip. 


Shower, Airport West (VIC)

Tiled shower which got a P4 non-slip rating with SWISS GriP NonSlip Bath & Shower. The clear coating does not change, nor damage the ceramic surface.


International SWISS GriP references 

PARK HYATT, Abu Dhabi  

At the five star Park Hyatt Hotel we made 306 bathroom floors, tubs and showers slip-free using SWISS GriP NonSlip Bathroom. 

Sheraton Muscat, Oman

The Sheraton in Oman offers 236 exclusive rooms with bathtubs that have been made non-slip with SWISS GRIP AntiSlip Bathroom.

Swimming Pool Lättich, Switzerland

The tiled pool areas at the Lättich Swimming Pool  were made slip-free with SWISS GriP, after numerous slipping accidents had happened.

Alpenhotel Fleurs Zermatt,


The kitchen at the exclusive Alpenhotel Fleurs de Zermatt in Switzerland was extremely slippery. With SWISS GriP R11, the floor became slip-free, without changing the appearance of the floor.

Hilton Zürich Airport,

The Hilton at Zürich Airport in Switzerland has high safety standards. Therefore, our certified non-slip solution was applied in all 260 bath tubs of the hotel.

Renaissance Barcelona,

All 357 bathrooms of this design hotel are made slip-resistant with SWISS GriP Bathroom. Rooms have a shower tray as well as bathtub made from Corian® solid surface.

International Hospital and Aged Care References 

Aged Care Ruesspark 

The Reusspark is an aged care facility in Switzerland. This innovative institution sets high quality standards for residents. SWISS GriP made 200sqm of the swimming pool area non-slip.

Hirsladen private hospital

The Hirslanden Hospital in Switzerland offers first-class medical services; quality assurance has the highest priority. The barrier-free showers of the hospital were made non-slip with SWISS GriP Anti-Slip. 

Saudi German Hospital

The Saudi German Hospital Group is the largest health provider in the Middle East. According to the high quality standards of the hospital the patient’s washroom floors, showers and trays were coated with SWISS GriP AntiSlip Bathroom.

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