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AS 4586-2013

The Australian Standard for Slip Resistance.

AS 4586-2013 - Slip ratings

AS 4586-2013 is the joint Australian / New Zealand standard which provides slip resistance ratings for pedestrian floor surface materials. It provides users and specifiers of pedestrian surface materials (architects, engineers, facility managers, manufacturers, etc.) with the means to classify such surfaces according to their pedestrian slip resistance. The slip resistance recommendations of ‘wet locations’ is presented below as outlined by the Australian Standards handbook HB198:2014. 





The wet pendulum slip rating classifies the slip rating of surfaces prone to water contamination. The surface is tested using a Pendulum Friction Tester. Results are based on a minimum of five samples tested. The average rating is used for the slip rating and defined as the Slip Resistance Value (SRV). 

SWISS GriP NonSlip - Slip Resistance Certifications

SWISS GriP NonSlip coatings have been specifically developed to eliminate slipping incidents. At the same time, our coatings are easy to keep clean, due to our water and dirt repellent technology. SWISS GriP is the only worldwide certified non-slip solution, with exceptional results in every test. Therefore, we can make every surface slip-free and safe. Unlike etching, SWISS GriP does not damage the surface it is applied on and can be easily renewed if necesarry.

SWISS GriP - Slip Ratings AS 4586-2013

  • Wet pendulum test slider 55: P5

  • Wet pendulum test slide 96: P4

  • Wet-barefoot inclining platform test: B

  • Oil-wet inclining platform test: R12

SWISS GriP - Slip Rating BS 7976 - UK 

  • Satra Technology - Wet pendulum test: Low Slip Potential

SWISS GriP - Slip Rating DIN51097 & DIN51130 - Europe

  • TÜV Germany - Ramp test for barefoot areas: Class C

  • TÜV Germany - Ramp test for shoe areas: R10 & R11

SWISS GriP - Slip Rating ASTM E 303/93 - Brazil 

  • Falcao Bauer Brazil - Pendulum test wet conditions: 0,55

  • Falcao Bauer Brazil - Pendulum test dry conditions: 0,66

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