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Non-Slip Pool Areas

Pools should be a fun experience for family and friends. However, many pool areas pose high slipping risks. Especially in wet conditions, many tiles do not meet the required non-slip standards. SWISS GriP makes your pool area slip-free.

Improve traction by using the world’s highest rated anti-slip coating

Certified in Australia

Certified by CSIRO in accordance to the Australian Standard for slip-resistance:
B, P4, P5 & R12


SWISS GriP is a two-component polyurethane system. It is a fully clear coat and therefore does not change the appearance of the original surface

UV Resistant

SWISS GriP is a UV resistant and transparent pool coating. The non-slip coating will not fade or discolour over time.

Slipping & Liability

The building code of Australia (BCA) states that new commercial buildings must provide slip resistant surfaces to allow safe movement for pedestrians. Pool side surfaces are often very slippery when wet. This can lead to a Duty of Care Liability if not all reasonable precautions to prevent slipping falls are taken. Use SWISS GriP to ensure building requirements are met. 

The superior non-slip solution

Unlike anti-slip treatments, SWISS GriP is a certified non-slip solution. Our water-based coating is approved by Australian CSIRO, German TÜV, British Satra and Swiss Empa, in accordance with national norms for slip resistance. Moreover, SWISS GriP is a coating system that does not damage your tiles. SWISS GriP has become the most used non-slip solution for pools in the Middle East. Hotels like Sheraton, Bulgari, Hilton and many others use SWISS GriP to make sure guests will not slip.

Which SWISS GriP solution do I need?

We offer various solutions to create more traction for pool areas. With our DIY Spray Can and our SWISS GriP Kit you can easily make your own pool non-slip. Larger packaging available upon request.

SWISS GriP Support

Are you looking for input on your unique situation? Contact us!​ We will answer within 24 hours

Pool Area

  1. Swimming pool surroundings and 

    communal showers rooms

  2. Pool ramps and stairs leading to water

Slip Class
A, P3
B, P4, P5
C, P5

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