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SWISS GriP Stair Tread

Make stair treads and other areas visible and non-slip with the SWISS GriP Stair Tread coating. Cost efficient and  easy to install.

Comply with regulations

Meet the Australian Standard AS 1428. Avoid liability claims.

Colour Options

 Available in black, yellow and white. Makes stair treads clearly visible. 

Easy to install

Easy installation by paint roller. Touch dry within15 minutes.

SWISS GriP Floor Safety Coating 1K

SWISS GriP Stair Tread coating eliminates tripping and slipping incidents on staircases, in hotels, offices, aged care facilities and other public areas. Besides making stair treads clearly visible (conform AS 1428), it also makes the treads non-slip.

SWISS GriP Safety Floor Coating is a single-component system, easy to apply, and fast curing. The coating is available in black (RAL 9004, yellow (RAL 1004) and white (RAL 9003). 
SWISS GriP Stair Tread is easy to apply by roller. 


  • Aesthetics – Contrasting colours: yellow, back and white. Other colours and clear coating available upon request.

  • Easy to install – It takes less than 4 minutes to install SWISS GriP Stair Tread Coating on one tread.

  • Fast – Touch dry in 20 minutes.

  • Coverage –  One unit can cover up 5m2 or 38 treads*. 

  • Cost savings – On average, SWISS GriP is 5 times cheaper compared to installing stair nosing strips.

  • Adhesion – Excellent adhesion to tiles, marble, ceramics, concrete and other surfaces.

  • AS 4586 Certified – P4 and P5 NonSlip rating. 

SWISS GriP 1K Floor Safety Coating

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